Sunday, 31 January 2010

flashback then back and back again.

Facing the door, keys in my hand. Now for compilation- contemplation. The flats were once an office space. All so sterile. People could definitely die here. It's a harsh- argh- keys face this.
I'm greeted with a smile and my adidas hoodie never looked so good with a hug round my waist, happy I'm home-are you?- yeah-ah-well-man-so-up-stairs-watch some sopranos?
"helllllloooo" 'hi' 'sorry' 'no you know what it's out of order'
don't bite
'i know, i know'
'if you're annoyed, it doesn't give you the right to be rude'
'bu'-don't bite don't bite
'you're right, sorry, i know'
'well you obviously DON'T know do you?'
bite- bite the tongue, the tongue
'lets talk about this'
'I'm not trying to argue with you'
my back on the bed her head on my chest
played her out like i did my old super nes
it's weird to think sex could become, pure
exciting and sort of, i don't know, fun. Before
it was always sort of a chore. Like talking
to my dad.
'are you even listening to me?'
Swimming in memories I reach the surface
to see reality is raining on top of me- makes
the sea that much warmer. But i have to get out sometime
Or I'll get raisin fingers


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