Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dusk fell on the stream

Dusk fell on the stream
Time had long past curfew
But my mind wasn't yet ready to be freed from the paceful peace of the running water
Thoughts followed where it was going 
Wondering whether it hoped to return or longed to escape
Searching for shared fear of the unknown
Seeking strength
Eroding apprehension and 
Gathering courage.
I wondered 
Did the force of it's forefathers 
Drag it downstream
Through tributaries it would have never self chosen
Or was the current flow free?
Direction discovered in passing moments
Paths improvised intuitively

As I sit at the stream
I think of the knowledge earnt in school
Worked hard with
Pricked ears
Still eyes
Calm heart
Closed mouth
Scrating pen on paper like psoriasis
Eager to see red ticks
Preparation for red brick
Pretentious buildings 
Built for the minds of a scholar by the hands of a slave
And I am a slave
An unwilling lifter
Of the family name
To never let it fall to shame 
trampled down and/i'm 
drowned in blame.


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