Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I Am Who You Made Me

I am who you made me

I taste my grandmothers’ breath in the roof of my mouth
smell it on the back of my tongue,
unable to get her bitter after taste out of me,
she breathes through me,
I stroke her kink in my hair,
that my mother despised in me
because they recognized in me
their DNA laced into my flesh combined with me
untamed without direction,
I avoid my fathers eyes in the mirror of fury,
his reflection
stares back at me in my pool of blood
and I drink my tears in gallons of starry bruised night skies,
I eat his eyes for breakfast
hold his dead flesh in my stomach for lunch,
drink his poisonous misguided lessons for tea,
feast on his regret for dinner
by which time I don’t have space for dessert,
but greed makes me nibble on his memories, and question what I deserve,
and though I eat 3 square meals my hunger for love remains insatiated,
I try to let go of my need to be appreciated,
but its too late now,
I’m too old now,
I should be chasing gold now,
have a family of my own now,
I should stop gnawing on this bone now...

Justice Lyric


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