Wednesday, 22 February 2012



Black snakes ripple the surface of murky green waters
Thoughts cross faces like chessboard laces
Interlaced with alcohol induced memories of fading into blackouts,
Backed into alleys leading to the crack-house
Casting shadows on souls once made of light
Now darkened by cravings for impossibilities
Consciousness drifting on infinities
Dreams hovering in vacuum timed spaces
Hearts race to quickened footsteps taking them to their fates
Unable to shift the weight of broken promises
The symbolisms of dreams fall on crushed spirits
Ageless desires burn unequivocally
As dawn breaks lilac to the fleshy pink grapefruit of a re-awakening
And the familiar sound of traffic rumbling
seeps through to accompany the stumbling
Before the harsh light from a bare bulb forces us to acknowledge
the reality of what we face in the mirror...

Justice Lyric


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