Thursday, 1 April 2010


Sometimes it’s impossible to get guys anymore

They’re too much of a challenge; I’m too much of a chore

Don’t spread my legs immediately like some cheap whore

So they’re in some other girl before my pants kiss the floor.

I used to be open before and they abused it,

But when I was used at least I assumed I would get it

Long list of catalogue and I was the cheapest

So quick buy, bargain sale and then you lose interest. Me.

And now I come, no confidence with a package

Guys can never be assed to open jars

Unless they’re guaranteed to smear it

First signs of struggle and they’ll goddamn leave it

I don’t blame them but you see

I was abused by the people I thought I had loved

So if you can’t see the problems I face

I guess you ain’t thinking hard enough.


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