Sunday, 4 April 2010

Eternal Engine

Women and children first, I hear you cry
A thirst to reproduce and survive: it’s demand and supply.
Each day I listen to the insides of mine thrive and jive to the internal murmuring of a metal hide.

Just in case the rush hour ice age is coming.

For once I'd like to strip these fancies, fineries that make me an individual,
Expose these mechanisms that make me truly me and watch them work
Without my consent: this is mutiny.
Mother Nature with her unwanted nuture has forced herself on me; monthly bleeds her morning feeds that go on and on and on.

This is a pre-set of so called mind set; it’s game set match to this path of regeneration, a dance that feeds this nation.
So here I sit, skirt for the hit, hoping the next card I’ll play will start some motion in the ocean - Don't blame me, I'm living up to Gaia’s love and devotion.


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